Fabio Morreale

Visuals designer, programmer

Whale Project Team

Fabio Morreale is a Lecturer and Coordinator of Music Technology at the School of Music of the University of Auckland. Formerly he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Augmented Instruments Laboratory at Queen Mary University of London and at worked at the Interaction Lab of the University of Trento. His research is focused on exploring technology to offer new forms of creativity to musicians and visual artists. He is also a designer of mobile applications and interactive installations that explore artistic outcomes as a collaboration between humans and forms of machine intelligence.

  • December 2017 - release of the mobile app Generate - Generate Drawing (link)
  • September 2017 - “Divesting Control to the Machine in Digital Art” is published at EVA London Conference
  • August 2017 - release of the mobile app +tempo / Metronome Accelerator (link)
  • February 2017 - release of the mobile app Entangle - Geometric Drawing (link)
  • September 2015 - Generative Everything 2083 is exhibited in Verona (Italy) at the Path Festival (link)