Serhat Emrullai


Whale Project Team

Expressionist painter currently based in Venice, Italy as a student of the Accademia di Belle Arti. His works combine abstract art and figurative art in multilayered portrait, the style is rooted in the artistic traditions of Eastern Europe. Generally, he paints directly on canvas with oil and acrylic paint. The artist's works primarily express both movement and psychological elements, with effigy as his primary subject. More than 200 paintings by Serhat are used for the visuals.

  • January 2018 - invited to the 1340 Art Magazine in Amsterdam (Painting)
  • September 2014 - collective exhibition Denizly, Turkey
  • March 2014 - personal exhibition in Gostivar Culture Centre Gostivar, 
  • August 2013 - collective exhibition in Culture Centre of Skopje
  • July 2010 - personal exhibition in the Galery of Tetovo
  • February 2009 - personal exhibition in Gostivar
  • September 2008 - collective exhibition in Ohrid
  • Мау 2008 - collective exhibition in Tetovo (Ura Me Tri Arqe)