Damiano Ascenzi

Multimedia artist, programmer

Whale Project Team

Damiano Ascenzi is a MultiMedia  Artist and Designer, Professor of Graphics at Liceo Artistico di Marco Polo, Venice, Italy; former Professor of Art Therapy at Vendramin Corner, Venice, Italy. In the project he develops the design and programs Generative Visuals, sets up the scientific and artistic connections between the music and the visuals.

Other Projects

  • November 2014 - Interactive Installation: “A Stroll, a Fun Palace” - Biennale di Venezia 2014 - Swiss Pavillion (Installation, Magazine)
  • 2013 - Selected at the 15th Media-Art Biennale “WRO BIENNALE - PIONEERING VALUES ”  WRO Art Center Artwork: “Egomentis project” Multimedia Project, Videoart. Duration 13 min.
  • 2012 - Selected for the “National Prize of Arts” 2012 for the Design and Communication section - A.F.A.M - Urbino - Interactive Multimedia project of Generative art - Artwork “Generative visual Personality”
  • 2011 - 1° Prize - Winner - the “European Culture Congress” - “Dock's Docs Gdansk Remix” video-contest (Link to website)